News Headlines - 03 May 2021

Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Withdraw Military Units From Border After Deadly Armed Clashes

Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have completed the withdrawal of their military units from border areas as part of an agreed pullback following a series of deadly clashes last week.
The Kyrgyz Border Service said on May 3 that the situation in the area is calm and stable after the withdrawal of the military units.

Mexico Apologizes To Indigenous Maya For Centuries Of Abuse | Barron's

Mexico's government offered an official apology on Monday to the indigenous Maya people for the "terrible abuses" committed against them in the centuries since the Spanish conquest.
President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presented the apology as part of a series of events this year marking the 500th anniversary of the conquest and the bicentennial of Mexican independence.

Biden raises US refugee admissions cap to 62,500 after delay sparks anger | The Guardian

Joe Biden has formally raised the US cap on refugee admissions to 62,500 this year, weeks after facing bipartisan blowback for his delay in replacing the record-low ceiling set by Donald Trump.
The move was a stark turnaround from the Biden’s administration’s previous announcement last month that it would keep the number of refugees admitted to the US at the historical low of 15,000, sparking widespread outrage.

German police bust child sex abuse imagery network with 400,000 users - CNN

German police have arrested three people in connection with one of the world's largest platforms containing child sex abuse materials, prosecutors said Monday.
A fourth person was arrested in Paraguay, according to Interpol.
The online platform, which was known as Boystown and was hosted on the dark web, had 400,000 registered users when it was taken offline by an international taskforce.

Tokyo Olympics should not be held in 2021 under COVID's long shadow

Eleven weeks. That’s approximately how long it is until the scheduled Opening Ceremonies for the Tokyo Olympics.
It’s simply not enough time.
When the Olympics were postponed by a year because of the pandemic sweeping the globe, the International Olympic Committee was buying time. Time for the coronavirus to be contained, time for a vaccine rollout, time for the fears and the disease to ebb.
And it turns out, it isn’t enough time. Not to safely hold the first post-pandemic global event. Because we’re not post-pandemic yet. Not even close.