News Headlines - 08 May 2021

Colonial pipeline: Cyberattack forces major US fuel pipeline to shut down - CNNPolitics

A cyberattack forced the temporary shut down of one of the US' largest pipelines Friday, highlighting already heightened concerns over the vulnerabilities in the nation's critical infrastructure.
The operator, Colonial Pipeline, said Saturday that the incident involves ransomware.

In Colombia, death toll following protests mounts as unrest continues

Colombia entered its eighth day of national anti-government protests, with police firing tear gas at crowds in the capital, Bogotá, after they attacked a police station.
There have been 24 confirmed deaths so far, about half of which have been linked to police violence; some independent groups say the death toll is as high as 37. Colombia's Defensoría del Pueblo, its public ombudsman, has said 89 people were missing following the protests. International organizations, like the European Union and the U.N. human rights office, warned about the use of excessive force.
The demonstrations were ignited by a plan for tax reform that has since been canceled. But the protests continued, morphing into calls on the government to address growing poverty, inequality and police violence.

Saudi Arabia-Pakistan agree to mend strained ties | Al Jazeera

Saudi Arabia and longstanding ally Pakistan signed several agreements on Saturday and vowed to revive ties strained by months of disagreement over policy on the Kashmir dispute.
On his seventh visit to the wealthy kingdom since his 2018 election, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was given a warm welcome by Saudi officials in the western coastal city of Jeddah.

Myanmar’s anti-coup bloc to form a ‘defence force’ | Al Jazeera

Myanmar’s National Unity Government (NUG), set up by opponents of army rule, said on Wednesday it had formed a “people’s defence force” to protect its supporters from military attacks and violence instigated by the military government... The NUG said the new force was a precursor to a Federal Union Army and that it had a responsibility to end decades-old civil wars and deal with “military attacks and violence” by the ruling State Administration Council (SAC) against its people.

Jose Mourinho joins Roma: The 10 highest-paid managers in the world | GiveMeSport

Just 15 days after being sacked by Tottenham, Mourinho has been given the job as Roma's new manager.
Mourinho will replace Paulo Fonseca at the end of the season... He was earning €16m-per-year at Tottenham. He will be paid €7m-per-year by Roma.
Tottenham will also pay him €9m-per-year for the next two seasons, though, meaning he is set to earn €39m across the next three years.