News Headlines - 09 May 2021

Chinese rocket debris lands in Indian Ocean | The Japan Times

Remnants of China’s biggest rocket landed in the Indian Ocean on Sunday, with most of its components destroyed upon re-entry into the atmosphere, ending days of speculation over where the debris would hit but drawing U.S. criticism over lack of transparency.
The coordinates given by Chinese state media, citing the China Manned Space Engineering Office, put the point of impact in the ocean, west of the Maldives archipelago.
Debris from the Long March 5B has had some people looking warily skyward since it blasted off from China’s Hainan island on April 29, but the China Manned Space Engineering Office said most of the debris was burnt up in the atmosphere.

Taiwan Catches Two Chinese Nationals Arriving by Dinghy - The Diplomat

Two Chinese nationals were caught arriving in Taiwan by dinghy by Taiwan’s Coast Guard in the span of five days, raising questions about the country’s border security and its absence of formal refugee procedures.
A man from China was found on May 4 on the coast of Taiwan’s outlying Kinmen island, which lies just six kilometers from China’s Fujian province. The man, who appeared to have used a small boat to get to the island, did not specify his motivation for fleeing to Taiwan, according to the coast guard.
The incident occurred just days after a Chinese national was found in Taiwan’s Taichung Harbor in a rubber dinghy equipped with a motor and carrying 90 liters of fuel.

Antonio Guterres lays out vision for second term as UN chief - The Mainichi

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres laid out his vision for a second term as U.N. chief on Friday, calling for a "surge in diplomacy for peace," urging the world's nations to avoid a new type of Cold War, and stressing that in the 21st century everything from the climate crisis to nuclear proliferation and the pushback on human rights is inter-linked.
Guterres is the only candidate in the race so far, and he won support during a three-hour question-and-answer session in the 193-member General Assembly from two major groups -- the 120-member Nonaligned Movement of mainly developing nations and the 27-member European Union -- as well as smaller groups and individual countries.

Meghan wins remaining copyright claim over father's letter - BBC News

In February, Meghan won most of her claim for misuse of private information and copyright infringement.
But the newspaper had suggested she may not have been the sole copyright owner.
The duchess won her case after her former communications secretary denied co-writing the letter.

Shunsuke Nakamura on Celtic, Strachan and still playing at 42 | The Guardian

hunsuke Nakamura is evergreen in more ways than one. It is 16 years since the playmaker joined Celtic for a successful four-year spell and he continues to follow goings-on in Glasgow, though given the season the club have just had this veteran of 42 could still do a job.
Nakamura is playing for Yokohama FC back home in Japan’s top flight, even if he doesn’t get many minutes for a team battling relegation. It is a world away from his time in Scotland when he was a key cog in a team that won three championships, so much so that he was named Scottish player of the year in the 2006-07 season.